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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Law Ohio

Oil and gas exploration is nothing new in Ohio.  At Scullin & Cunning, we have assisted landowners in various contexts ranging from pipeline easements, mineral rights ownership and transfers, lease negotiation, and litigation. We have the experience necessary to properly advise you, and to guide you through oil and gas leasing and disputes.

Oil & Gas Litigation

We have successfully represented hundreds of people in cases against some of the largest energy producers in the world. We have been successful in getting leases terminated, modernizing lease terms, and reuniting severed mineral interests.

Lease Negotiation

Because oil and gas leases can last for centuries, it is critically important that before you sign anything, you speak with an experienced attorney. If done well, the lease can provide you and your family financial benefits for decades. But if done poorly, the lease can cause serious consequences and can affect the safety and value of your property forever.

Pipeline Easements/ROW

Pipeline right-of-way agreements are complicated, and the benefit of having an attorney experienced in their negotiation and drafting cannot be overstated. Among many other considerations, a properly drafted agreement should specify the easement’s location, its width, the type of material that can be transported through the pipeline, and reclamation requirements. Not only have we been able to secure very fair monetary compensation for our clients, but we have negotiated strong protections.